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Middle School Clubs/ Clubes de la secundaria

(Associated Student Body) 
Students practice their leadership skills by organizing and planning spirit days, lunch socials and fundraising events. Must be available to sell snacks during nutrition break and lunch.
Lego Robotics

If you like legos, working with others, and building designs from scratch that you can operate electronically, then this is the club for you. Don’t worry, we also have step by step instructions if you feel you want to start this way.

 Art Participants will be encouraged to discover their creativity while completing different projects such as painting, drawing, card-making, stamping, and paper embossing.
Photography Learn basic photography techniques to take your pics to the next level with both cameras and smartphones. Put your creativity to work!
Sketching/Drawing Beginners will enjoy step by step online tutorials, while advanced artists can practice their skills and add to their collections. Drawing/sketching is a great way to relieve some of your stress!
Cross-Age Tutoring


Students practice leadership skills and partake in community service by tutoring  younger students in grades 1 and 2 in Spanish reading/writing. Occasionally,they may tutor kinder students.


Mindfulness/Genius Hour

Are you stressed?

Having difficulty focusing in class, or feeling easily distracted and anxious?

If so, the Mindfulness elective could be the one for you! In this elective, you will practice mindfulness, which has been shown to help reduce stress and anxiety while increasing attention and concentration.

Just Chillin’
A quiet, safe space to chill out. Relax, listen to your music, draw, do your homework, catch up with late work, read, chat...chill out.

Super Smash Bros. Club

Do you like to play Super Smash Bros.? We will have tournaments and you will get to play on the big screen.
Outdoors Club
Do you like being outside and being active?
Studies have shown that spending time outside improves mood and is good for your mental health. Students in this club will spend a lot of time outdoors playing sports, tending to and relaxing in the garden, and doing other outdoor activities.
* Clubs may change each school-year.